Finance & Personnel teams – 7 members each, 3 year term
All other teams – minimum of 5 members, 2 year term
Members will rotate off at the end of August of the year their name appears under
Activity & Family Enrichment
2023 2024 2025
Jimmy Holt John Forester Jason Wilson
Angel Holt Emily Eubanks  
Thad Johnson  
Finance (7 Members – 3 Years)
2023 2024 2025
Tyler Clancy Bob Matthews Judy Forester
Kyle Poole Dustin Whitehead Claire Johnson
    Greg Gresham
Building, Grounds & Property
2023 2024
Simpson Stroupe Joe Fant
Camille Shaw Barrett Clanton  
Billy Mack Kinard  
Casey Hillmer  
Hostess / New Member
2023 2024
Melissa Moore Jamie Hall  
  Lisa Childers  
Alice Ray
Jennifer Stroupe
Personnel (7 members – 3 years)
2023 2024 2025
Thad Johnson Jonathan Moore Bronwyn Clanton
Sharon Pogue Billy Mack Kinard John Forrester
    Justin Hall
Young at Heart
2023 2024  
Betty Scott Keith Weitzel  
  Shirley Cato  
Ed Wallace
Sue Wallace
2023 2024  
Jennifer Knox Stephanie Cavender  
Casey Hillmer Patty Lusby  
Jennifer Stroupe    

Not subject to the 3-year mandatory rotoation
2023 2024  
Billy Mack Kinard Betty Scott  
Brittney House Jeannie Fant  
Simpson Stroupe Patty Lusby  
2023 2024  
Sue Summar Sherry Colhoun  
Janis Cavender LuAnn Gibson  
  Shirley Cato  
2023 2024  
Judy Howell Jeanie Fant  
  Lisa Childers  
Donna Woods
Molly Kinard
2023 2024  
Judy Howell Keith Weitzel  
  Carolyn Thompson  
  Sue Summar  
2023 2024  
Janis Cavender Judy Forrester  
Lord’s Supper
2023 2024  
Keith Weitzel Patty Lusby  
Milton Bell Kevin Cavender  
Wednesday Night Supper
2023 2024  
Melissa Moore Donald Pogue  
Tyler Clancy Sharon Pogue  
Patty Lusby    
Wednesday Night Children’s Meal
2023 2024  
Brenda Luther Joe Johnson  
Diane Burk Donna Woods  
Carri Hutchens David Childers  
Martha Thomas Sherry Childers
Ali Todd  
Emily Childers
2023 2024  
Rod Childers Joe Fant  
Simpson Stroupe (Chair) Erik Knox
Dustin Whitehead
Billy Mack Kinard
Thad Johnson
John Prothro
Milton Bell (chair) Noah Brumfield Kevin Cavender
Tony Cavender Joe Fant Justin Hall
Dusty Hutchens Larry Hutchens, Jr. Thad Johnson
Billy Mack Kinard Jody McMinn Danny Morris
Kyle Poole Gary Todd Lee Todd
Kenneth Tomlinson Dustin Whitehead Volunteers as Needed