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Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Children's Ministry


Children's Ministry


Here at FBC, we seek to provide an environment where kids are allowed to experience God as kids! We offer wonderful programs that help present the gospel to our kids and allow them to grow in their own personal relationships with our Heavenly Father. We have fun while learning about our precious Lord. We invite all kids to come participate in our children's ministry!





Weekly Events:





    Sunday School in CAC @ 9:00am


    Children's Church on Second Floor @ 10:15am (for 4 yr olds- 6th grade)       






   Child and Youth Supper in CAC @ 5:00pm (during school months)


   Choirs and Mission Activities in CAC @ 5:30-7pm (during school months)



Parents, think about this...
If Christ Should Come Next Sunday
If Christ should come next Sunday,
And it may be that He will;
Would the things that we'll be doing
Set the Master's heart athrill?
If Christ should come next Sunday
Would He find us loyal and true
In our place with our influence
Doing what He'd have us do?
If Christ should come next Sunday
Let's suppose He came at ten
Would He hear us answer, "Present"
In the class we should attend?
If Christ should come next Sunday
If he came at just eleven
Would He find us in His service
Singing praises unto Heaven?
(I added this last stanza):
If Christ should come next Sunday
Would He find that YOU made the effort
To have YOUR children in Sunday School
So they can have their eternal assurance?
Let's fill our children's classes in Sunday School each Sunday!